Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A summer teaser ..

For several years Margo and I commuted between Boulder, CO and Simi Valley, CA - a round trip of 1080 miles give or take. Living and working out of Simi Valley gave us a great opportunity to participate in track events - there's numerous tracks scattered throughout southern California and with the weather, it was almost a year round proposition. The picture above is of the Vette being washed prior to it heading to a track weekend at Willow Springs tha was taken back in the summer of 2010.

Today, in Boulder and nearby Longmont, it's snowing and the Vette's are on battery feeders. The cold is anything but enticing but eating breakfast, looking through the window as the snow comes down, memories quickly return to California and while we never see snow as the do higher up in the mountains or even deeper into the plains or back on the east coast, it does put the brakes on track outings.

All this comes following the news from Speed Ventures that even as Christmas approaches, they will be holding a track outing December 22, 23 at Buttonwillow, the venue for our most recent outing only six o so weeks ago. But we shouldn’t complain. Shortly we will be vacationing in southern California and if it hadn’t been for the time we spent in Simi Valley, we wouldn’t have run across A&A Corvette Performance and we wouldn’t be as interested as we now are in bringing the A&A supercharger “package” to Colorado Vette enthusiasts.

Perhaps we can handle the few days of cold weather ahead of us after all – and yes, I will be dropping by the Corvette Spa before we head out … more news to follow!   

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Painting a pretty picture ...

I couldn't help but snap off this photo last week. Standing alongside a "new arrival" - a nicely decked out C6 Z06, supercharged of course (but not from our supplies, unfortunately) - it's blue paint scheme in stark contrast to the red C3 on the lift and the yellow C5 behind it. But all the same, a cheerful blend of colors that instantly warmed the heart of a Corvette fan like me. And yes, that’s Curt about to mount a carbon fiber wing to that Z06 although, I have to admit, it looks a little like it’s more suited for show than for the track.

It's winter and yet it's not winter. The calendar tells us otherwise and yet, Boulder is still enjoying temperatures climbing into the 60s. A sure fire way to pull out of the garage the motorcycles - there's been numerous lines of them riding along our arterial highways. A group of 9 or 10 riders aboard BMW adventure bikes made me think of my own long ride of a few years ago. But winter will hit us shortly I have to believe and already, our ‘Vettes are hooked up to battery tenders in the garage and will not likely hit the road again till the spring.

Of course, winter is also a time when we start thinking about upgrades, changes and sometime even a new acquisition. Even as GM leaks information about the C7 Corvette most of us can’t wait to see what rolls-out come the Detroit Auto show where, as I understand it, we will get our first glimpse of what had been an anxiously awaited release. And yet, like many others, I can’t help feeling that the prices for the next ‘Vette are headed north where base models (with minimal options packages) will likely pass through the $60K mark and in so doing, drive the value of our C6 into the ground – GM has the ability to manufacture so many “Vettes that it will be hard to keep anyone interested in the earlier models.

So, don’t trade! Keep the C6! And as spring rolls around, head to the Spa for a much-needed treatment. It’s amazing what a difference there is when you have bolted on an extra 200hp … just ask me! True, now I am using the C6 ‘Vette as a daily drive I have dialed-back the power / torque but it’s still a blast to drive as after all, it’s just a coupe, remember. A real sleeper until the loud pedal is pressed hard – if you happen on by Boulder / Longmont then don’t forget to drop in and take the time to chat with Curt.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where it all began!

It all started with a casual conversation with our good friend Hal, recently moved to Ft Collins from Silicon Valley. Experiencing firsthand the impact from living at a higher altitude (and at the time an owner of a C6 coupe) Hal asked if we had considered supercharging our own C6 coupe. Seriously? No, the thought hadn't crossed our minds at all.

A matter of weeks later, while entering the 101 freeway in southern California, a new Lexus IS-F passed us without any trouble. It was the new high-performance Lexus with a free-revving 400+hp V8 that on paper we should have had no trouble keeping up with - but the driver just simply pulled away from us.

You gotta be kidding! So needless to say, further research behind us, we drove to Andy’s shop in Oxnard, California and his team at A&A Corvette Performance began working their magic. It’s been a fun journey ever since as we tweaked many different elements of the Vette to where today we have just one nice daily drive. But now there are no worries should we come across another Lexus IS-F.

Drop by the Corvette Spa in Longmont any time and let me know in advance and our C6 coupe – supercharged and all – will be ready for inspection!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, it is the smile!

The previous post featured Margo on track for the start of her first session at Buttonwillow, 2012. It didn't take me long to realize that readers like photos of Margo a lot more than they do of me so here's a photo of Margo for the start of her first session at Buttonwillow, 2010.

Should you like to read more about Margo's adventures back then, check out the post to Buckle-Up-Travel that came out just a few days later:

The big yellow "2" on her windscreen was acknowledgment that Margo had moved out of HPDE1 and into the more challenging HPDE2. The difference being that she could now circulate tracks without the mandatory instructor seated beside her. Margo still attended the educational downloads following each session, of course, but letting anyone jump in beside her was now completely up to her.

The blue Vette her was in its second-to-last iteration; supercharged and tricked out for lapping days. All 600+ hp (500, rear wheels) through an “auto tranny” and fighting with a final ratio of 2.4:1 or thereabouts! A tough car to light up coming out of turns I have to admit. But we had completely worn out the R-spec tires (this instance, Toyo R888s) and had reinstalled the Michelins and in many ways, this gave Margo an improved feel on a track she hadn't visited in some time.

The yellow 2 was missing this time out but if you look closely at the red C5 Z06 in the previous post, you will see a bright orange sun or star - yes, Margo continued to enjoy HPDE2 events and yes, the smile of some two years ago remains very much in evidence as you all have noticed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maintaining relationships

The above photo was snapped as Margo was on grid, Saturday morning, just before the start of the first sessions of the day. Margo ran four sessions Saturday while I drove four sessions Sunday - with the C5 Vette prepped by Curt and the team at Corvette Spa. New tires went onto the car that together with the more aggressive alignment and new brakes - rotors, pads and fluids - really helped out. Watch for a more complete post on our sister blog site

As the event was in Southern California - at Buttonwillow, course #1 Counter Clockwise (CCW) - we elected to drive all 60 feet of RV and trailer across the mountains, first to Northern California where we met with clients then on to Buttonwillow where we were able to catch up with many friends we hadn’t seen for a while. We are now enjoying time at the home of good friends Brian and Jan Kenny, regularly visitors to Colorado, fellow Corvette aficionados and regulars at High Plains Raceway (HPR), but tomorrow, it's off to Las Vegas to watch a season ending Karting event. More to follow about that in a later post!

We work hard to maintain our business contacts in IT that remain our primary business pursuit just as we devote time maintaining our friendships from the time when we lived in California. So it should come as no surprise that a little later today, we will be driving to A&A Corvette Performance to catch up with Andy and his team and to hear the latest on his own performance kits – what’s new, what’s working, and what’s in the pipeline. And hopefully, the next post will feature more from that meeting, too.

Before long we will be back in Boulder and our cars will be on trickle feeders for the winter. It’s always hard to see the two Vettes just sitting there but come spring, there will be many more roads to cover!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real drivers need not apply ...

The picture quality isn't what I was hoping for but this week, driving in the heart of Silicon Valley - and yes, in the red C5 Z06 decked out in track trim - I came alongside a Google autonomous car. Driverless. And with the heavy window tinting it was difficult to see whether there was anyone behind the wheel although there was a passenger seated in the front. With a laptop.

This may all be well and good for the choked community corridors of California and today, the younger generation just doesn't seem to share the passion for driving that previous generations did so it may be OK, but for me this is something I hope I never have to deal with. It’s still all about the joy of driving and knowing the vehicle you are piloting to can deal with any situation faced on today’s roads.

The picture was snapped at the exit of highway 101 where the freeway intersected with Lawrence Expressway and as those familiar with the region, probably as hi-tech a district as you will find. But all the same, I just couldn’t wait to get past the “robot” and be out of there … has anyone driven alongside anything similar?

Monday, October 29, 2012

A changing landscape ...

The Corvette Spa not only looks after our Vettes but our Viper too - and the picture above is of the time we lent our Viper to our good friend Brian. Visiting us and wanting to drive some laps at nearby High Plains Raceway (HPR) Brian who normally tracks a C6 Vette tuned by A&A Corvette Performance didn’t hesitate to accept an alternative vehicle. So much so that there’s always a possibility that a Viper may appear in his garage too and occupy a space alongside his Vette.

Very soon, the landscape is going to change dramatically. First up there’s the fifth generation of Viper about to hit dealer’s showrooms and then just before January’s Detroit Auto Show, GM will take the wraps of the seventh generation Vette. The stakes are going to be raised significantly and while we are hearing more about the base powerplant of the Vette – a new, revised 6.2 V8 (and not the rumored 5.5 V8) – it will not be long before the specs of the track-ready special, the possible replacement of the ZR1 / Z06, you just have to believe it will match the 640hp on tap now from the new Viper.

 Owners of C6 Vettes will not be left out – they have options. And at the Spa readers of these posts will appreciate that a series of Spa treatments have been announced that let our investments in C6 and C5 Vettes continue to play with these new generations of snakes and rays. And for considerably less money!

Want to know more? Drop me a note – I can be reached at:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vette’s need Tattoos too!

Just brought the C6 Coupe home from a short visit to the Spa – the Corvette Spa, that is. For some time the Heads-Up Display (HUD) had come adrift, a broken bracket it appears. But it’s all fixed and it’s nice to no longer have the distraction that a wobbly display represented. And the whole dashboard sounds as though a little tightening of mounts and bolts has improved its overall “tightness” – not a rattle anywhere even as the Vette is a few months into its seventh year.

The picture above shows just how well its paintwork has stood up – even with four hard years circulating on road courses around the west. It looks well and truly buffed. But even as you can see my reflection, shooting the picture with my trusty iPhone, you can’t miss the Vortech decal. Yes, even Vette’s look great when a couple of well-placed decals are applied.

Over the years, I have applied decals from tracks we lapped, as well as of vendors whose products I really like – Hawk, Bridgestone, Motul, etc. Not to mention clubs like NASA – National Auto Sports Association. However, since returning the C6 Vette, supercharged and all, to daily drive duties, I removed everything. However, now I am actively promoting Vortech superchargers, and the installation package from A&A Corvette Performance, decals of both Vortech and A&A (in red, of course) have been applied.

So if you see the LeMans blue C6 Coupe with the subtle, rather small decals of Vortech on the B pillars and an A&A Corvette beneath the rear Corvette badge – then yes, you will most likely have seen me passing you somewhere … so waive! And say Hi!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A first time ...

There's always a first time and this picture was taken back in May, 2008. It records our very first outing on a track anywhere. While I had been on track a little earlier in the day, I took advantage of some time away from the car to walk to the top of the circuit at Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR) in Southern California (SoCal) where I captured this scene of Margo leading the pack of HPDE 1 drivers participating in the So Cal NASA sponsored event.

And we were apprehensive – no matter much you prepare for the occasion there’s no escaping the sheer terror that comes with that first exit from the pits. The Vette in the picture here is completely stock apart from upgraded fluids and new tires. It would be six more months before the supercharger would be added but from the very first outing, we just so loved this car – we “bonded” with it pretty much from the outset.

We are now wrapping up our fifth year of track outings – and there’s only one more event left before the Vette(s) are pushed to the back of the garage. To end the program of 2012 we will return to SoCal for a weekend at Buttonwillow - #1, Counter-Clockwise (CCW) and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather across the Rockies and Sierras … oh well. New tires, a slightly more aggressive alignment and a quick check-up at Corvette Spa gives us a Vette that’s in great shape and we are rearing to go! Stay tuned … yes, there’s always a first but this for sure will not be our last.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What about the mileage ...

For all those who inquire about mileage from a Supercharged C6 Coupe with 580+ rear wheel horse power (RWHP) take a really close look at this photo. It is the one the press rarely discusses or promotes. And yet here it is. On the freeway rolling along in 6th gear doing a tad of 70 mph all the while the engine is ticking over at barely 1600rpm.

Yes, what is being displayed is the average (for this particular trip) of 30.3mpg (and we are talking US gallons and not the bigger Imperial gallon) – indeed, of the cars in the garage today this big blue ‘Vette is our most economical. The car is light, the CD is good, and the gearing is great for road trips even if I would like to have a taller rear end one day.

But yes, at a time when so many compacts are hard pressed to return figures even close to this doesn’t it can come as a bit of a shock that a push-rod low-tech 6-liter Chevy V8 with a Vortech centrifuge supercharger, spinning somewhat casually but under-stressed, all work to be as efficient as this? And not, this is the Average MPG being displayed and not the Instant MPG figures which are often way better than this!

So no, working with the Corvette Spa team and adding a supercharger with the right engine mapping certainly isn’t going to have you heading to the gas station every other day – track it, of course, and it all changes, but heading to the store for a head of lettuce won’t necessarily break the bank!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watching film ...

I spend a lot of time on youtube looking at film provided by other drivers of their laps on the circuits we routinely visit. This past evening it was of film shot at Buttonwillow running the #1 CCW configuration - one I last lapped some two years ago. Perhaps earlier!

But the value provided by watching others is extremely valuable - the picture of me above was taken as I came off track at Fontana California "Auto Club Speedway" to find out I had shave 5 full seconds from my personal best time. And it was due to the work I had put in prior to placing one tire on the track.

The “Roval” at Fontana is both exciting and challenging as drivers get to experience the high banking of a real NASCAR / IRL oval – some of the very same track experienced recently by the IRL drivers in their season-ending event. The one where somehow, yet again, Will Power found a way to lose the championship – three years in a row now he has placed second after capturing the crown for the best performances on road courses.

In the big Supercharged C6 Coupe (pictured) I routinely pull past the 160 mph mark – perhaps the fastest I run anywhere. There’s nothing quite like pulling the big Vette down into turns one and two and having it then track all the way out to the wall on the shortened back straight prior to entry onto the infield road course – still doing 125+ mph.

And all the while, the supercharger is screaming as it pumps enormous volumes of air through the big pump that is our LS2 pushrod V8! There’s nothing quite like it to be experienced anywhere else. In comparison, taking the C5 Z06 to Buttonwillow will be an exercise in finesse. 

Ahhh to have 600 and even 700 hp pushing a big hole in the air – very few drivers ever get to experience it but at Corvette Spa with the treatments we have now sorted out it’s all just a matter of a check book entry away! You just gotta do it. Once! ANd just look at the smile on my face after knocking off those 5 seconds!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Winters first chill ...

Living in Boulder County, we have seen a couple of really cold days with overnight temperatures dropping below freezing for the first time this fall. And as I walk into our garage, the Vette's are on battery trickle feeders, preserving their batteries for when the sun comes out again.

We’re out of town this week on business; leaving as the weather clearly made an improvement and we know that it will be a lot better when we return and with new tires for the C5 Z06 on route to Corvette Spa, we will be looking for one more weekend track session in Southern California. We will be attending a season-closing event at Buttonwillow put on by NASA SoCal and taking advantage of the opportunity to catch up with old friends. Not just Brian and Jan but Joe, too!

With these plans now set it reminded me of just how many track weekends we have spent in the blue C6 “Supercharged” Coupe – and the input that they have provided in terms of sorting out the best set up for the C6 for daily drive. The picture above shows Margo walking past the C6 Vette after it had been on track - this time Willow Springs International Raceway.

You don’t just throw on a SuperCharger and have at it – there’s considerable fine-tuning that follows to get the set-up just the way you like it. In our case, we broke a number of things along the way – the result of heat, better grip (and brakes) and aggressive shift points for the auto transmission.

Fortunately, at Corvette Spa the lads have experience with racing at many levels and openly talk about what works and what doesn’t and this is one of the advantages that can come from working with a boutique like Corvette Spa. Winter will definitely be a time when every owner in Colorado will not mind their Vette “being in the shop” so let me know how long a stay in the spa you would like … it’s like treating your Vette to an early Christmas!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Business Meetings! The packages unveiled ...

In the years I have been involved in IT I have participated in many business meetings but yesterday, it was the first time where I really enjoyed it. Yes, comparing notes with Curt of Corvette Spa, we came up with three benchmark package prices – based on a C6 LS2 (2005 – 2007) that now form the basis of our business.

When it comes to the “entry level treatment” at the spa, where we simply add a supercharger with all the trimmings, the labor costs, and a tune suited to your driving objectives (street, strip or road course) and where the trimmings do include the much-liked A&A Corvette Performance intercooler (and plumbing), an upgraded fuel system and a more appropriate A&A Corvette Performance 8-rib conversion  … then yes, think in terms of a starting point price of $11,750.00

Stepping up to the “mid-level treatment” at the spa designed for those who really do understand that the car’s engine is just a massive air pump, then on go headers with cats and again, with the labor and tuning involved and when done in combination with adding the supercharger, as above, then yes, think in terms of a starting point price for all of it at around $13,950.00

And yes, talk to Curt about adding your own mufflers and tail pipes to suit at the time all the above is done as he has a couple of ideas about the best combinations!

Finally, there’s the pampering that comes with the uniquely developed “whole nine yards treatment” at the spa combining all of the above with a very friendly cam upgrade including a valve train upgrade (with GM roller rockers, full Manley valve train, roller chain) and a port and polished oil pump to handle the increased oil pressure). Friendly? Look to rear wheel gains in addition to all that is provided as part of the first two levels of 75 rwhp – again, depending on application and your driving objectives. When installed altogether this lifts the price for your time at the spa – supercharger, headers and cam and all that goes with adding these components, labor and an appropriate tune – then look for a starting price of $18,850.00

Why would you do any of this, you may ask? Because you can – and for those with C6 ‘Vettes knowing that the C7 is about to hit the marketplace (and yes, we know some of our C6 ‘Vettes are now worth less than $30K whereas we are expecting prices for the C7 Vetter to move up through $60K+ for even the most rudimentary model), splitting the difference in the cost to just move up to a new entry-level C7 you will have the performance of the best of whatever replaces the ZR1! And yes, we live in the mountains where our elevation calls out for more power – so let’s talk!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Autobahn ...

You just never know when you get a chance to promote your business ... yes, this is of Margo as she attempts to squeeze into a race-prepped Lotus Exigs S240 that this time, two years ago, we rented to spend a day on the Nurburgring ...

I only mention this as this week, we have been in beautiful Dresden, Germany on business but tomorrow we leave for Munich and a weekend at "the OctoberFest". The demands of conferences are always tough leaving little time to do much else but we did get to check out the cars here and a colleague just purchased an newAudi S6. Driving it here he had the chance to run it flat out on the Autobahn - sitting on the metric euivalent of 160 mph. While speeds like this are not uncommon I just can't imagine our average American drive being able to do this. Safely.

Thank goodness for track days and thank goodness we have access to affordable American cars. The more I talk to the folks here in Germany the more I appreciate the value proposition Corvette offers. And yes, the more I appreciate the affordable option (and indeed access and acceptance) to / of engine upgrades like superchargers ... for little additional

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The "other" Vette

The red Vette in the far trailer is our red C5 Z06 that CorvetteSpa looks after - and now it's sporting new brake rotors and pads with all fluids swapped for something a lot better to handle track days. If you want to know more, then check out the latest post to Buckle-Up that can be found at:

The red Vette on the near trailer is of our good friends Brian and Jan C6 "coupe" - yes, another coupe that hides its character. Yes, it now sports the wide body kit under which are Hoosiers more routinely seen on Vipers but it too has been worked-over by the lads at A&A Corvette Performance - new intake, cam and headers and yet remains an auto (with paddles) that runs weekend track sessions regularly and outperforms almost everything else that participates.

This week I am off to taste the delights of Germany's autobahns as Margo and I head to Dresden on business followed by a weekend in Munich - and oh yes, it's Octoberfest in Munich! But watch for an update to Buckle-Up as we returned to Pikes Peak International Raceway over this past weekend where I was able to run the roval, but clockwise - yes, mostly a banked oval where all I had to do was turn right!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why mess up a good thing?

A message from my good friend John, who is head instructor with NASA SoCal, suggesting that adding a supercharger to an automatic C6 Corvette, particularly when it’s the earlier models that were first out with the six-speed and paddles just messes up a perfectly good car. Makes it un-drivable! And he has a point – but of course, only up to a point!

If all you want to do is bolt on a supercharger – even something as good as a Vortech supercharger – then you may indeed be less than thrilled with the results. That’s why we have developed the treatments we have at the Spa – it’s all in the programming.

Running our blue ‘Vette tuned to deliver 588 rwhp was one thing but getting it to run nice and sweet and be drivable well that took the skills of a really good tuner and that’s what you will find at CorvetteSpa. Just tell us in advance what “your application” will be – whether just for the street and the occasional traffic light or for the drag street or for outings on your favorite circuit as this information is very important when it comes to the final tune we will provide.

No, it’s not always a given that adding a supercharger to a Vette will mess it up – but it is true that done poorly, it sure will!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's just a coupe!

One of the wonderful things about the Corvette is that you can trick it out and be as falmbouyant as you like or you can keep it stock and be subtle about it. You can add wide body kits, add wings and skirts, or simply throw a bunch of chrome goodies to the basic bodywork or you can leave it as it left the factory.

Of late I have become a big fan of the look that comes from the factory and as a good friend of mine so often repeats – it’s just a coupe. When you pursue treatments at the Spa to add muscle, you may elect to keep the Vette looking the same as when it arrived at the Spa. You may powder coat a few items, as we just did with the brake calipers but then again you may go a lot further.

The good news is that the team at CorvetteSpa can do it all from mild to wild as they say. But then again, it’s been a historical truism for many years when we say speak softly and carry a big stick. And no is this the case when you coupe is loaded for bear!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why we add muscle ...

Yes, it was out annual trip to take in the fall colors around Aspen – and a good decision it was as I suspect this year's annual show won’t last very long. But this year, we elected to drive in our 2008 Viper SRT/10 roadster – a departure from previous trips to the mountains.

If you check out the post to my business blog of October 24, 2007 “Busting Myths will get a good look at our C5 Z06 that is today the car of choice, when it comes to road courses and track days! But the words across the back of the T Shirt – can you make them out? It only makes sense in families where there are ‘Vettes and Vipers and the wife’s preference is still the Viper. Something she very much enjoyed when she took it to the track several years ago.

If you check out the post to my social blog of September 18, 2009, “
Give me a “brake” – concentrate! ” you will also read of how, during the second session on track, that Margo aggressively pursued a new Calloway supercharged Z06 Corvette, only to be given a “point bye” (from its driver) a few laps later.

OK, so the lad in the Calloway ‘Vette had just taken delivery of the car and was coming up to speed mentally but in reality, with cars like Vipers and now, the top-end ‘Vettes pulling further away, out of reach for all but a select fortunate few – the “inexpensive” option of Supercharging an early C6 Coupe is the only practical way to stay with them. I have passed more than my fair share of Vipers and top-end ZR1s (when in the hands of the unproven) many times – and the conversations that followed have been a whole lot of fun … yes, it’s just a Coupe!

The highly versatile CorvetteSpa looks after our Viper just as it does our ‘Vettes – so wouldn’t you prefer to have the responsiveness you really are looking for? Doesn’t a Day at the Spa sound tempting? Next year I will wash and clean the Viper and park it out of sight so we can take the big ‘Vette out for another run through the mountains in the fall …

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gal's like a little nail polish ...

It was only a matter of time before we "painted our nails" as Margo referred to it ... of course, we are talking about powder-coating the calipers in red. Yes, the tow hooks are red so why not the calipers?

The lads at CorvetteSpa had just completed a replacement of rotors and pads - we have the Z51 package, of course, but did upgrade the pads to Hawk High Performance Street (not the HP+ we had routinely relied upon when were actively tracking this big Vette).

So, something to consider once you have selected the spa treatment you would like when it comes to adding muscle don’t forget the detail and paint facilities CorvetteSpa supports - after all, for your very first time on the street following your spa treatment, the Vette deserves to shine and look its best!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Working with the lads from A&A Corvette Performance as well as with the locals here at CorvetteSpa, we are working on three "treatments" at the spa. You can find them at:

There will be an entry-level treatment focused solely on providing immediate muscle - yes, basically the Vortech Supercharger (Si Trim) with the A&A intercooler and associated plumbing.

But there will also be two additional more advanced treatments for those interested in the full glamor treatments:

  • A mid-level treatment, if you like that includes headers and long pipes running 3" all the way to the standard mufflers;

  • And the whole nine yards treatment that includes headers but a cam and all the intake treatment needed to make it all work properly ...
Yes, of course, you can elect to progress through all the treatments as each additional treatment builds on the one before and may better suit your budget.

Out the door, an awful lot of muscle - so let me know just how fit you would like to become? If you reside close to the Rockies front ranges then yes, we may just have the treatments you need ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An introduction ...

One of my all time favorite photos - and the image on my laptop as background. Yes, that's the big blue Vette getting a point by on one of our favorite tracks - Auto Club Speedway, Fontana CA. Yes, this is the very same Vette that carries the Supercharger / Intercooler package that A&A Corvette Performance provides along with a serious upgrade to the exhaust system - American Racing headers and long pipes, 3" all the way back to modified Z06 mufflers. Again all thanks to Andy Green and the team at A&A ...

And the big news? Pyalla Technologies Track Days has partnered with CorvetteSpa of Longmont, CO to provide a number of "Spa Packages" that will seriously add muscle to your Vette, C5 or C6. So yes, as we finalize the numbers we will provide more information. Yes, you will read about it here first ... and yes, if you want to get more "point byes" keep monitoring this blog.