Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Autobahn ...

You just never know when you get a chance to promote your business ... yes, this is of Margo as she attempts to squeeze into a race-prepped Lotus Exigs S240 that this time, two years ago, we rented to spend a day on the Nurburgring ...

I only mention this as this week, we have been in beautiful Dresden, Germany on business but tomorrow we leave for Munich and a weekend at "the OctoberFest". The demands of conferences are always tough leaving little time to do much else but we did get to check out the cars here and a colleague just purchased an newAudi S6. Driving it here he had the chance to run it flat out on the Autobahn - sitting on the metric euivalent of 160 mph. While speeds like this are not uncommon I just can't imagine our average American drive being able to do this. Safely.

Thank goodness for track days and thank goodness we have access to affordable American cars. The more I talk to the folks here in Germany the more I appreciate the value proposition Corvette offers. And yes, the more I appreciate the affordable option (and indeed access and acceptance) to / of engine upgrades like superchargers ... for little additional

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The "other" Vette

The red Vette in the far trailer is our red C5 Z06 that CorvetteSpa looks after - and now it's sporting new brake rotors and pads with all fluids swapped for something a lot better to handle track days. If you want to know more, then check out the latest post to Buckle-Up that can be found at:

The red Vette on the near trailer is of our good friends Brian and Jan C6 "coupe" - yes, another coupe that hides its character. Yes, it now sports the wide body kit under which are Hoosiers more routinely seen on Vipers but it too has been worked-over by the lads at A&A Corvette Performance - new intake, cam and headers and yet remains an auto (with paddles) that runs weekend track sessions regularly and outperforms almost everything else that participates.

This week I am off to taste the delights of Germany's autobahns as Margo and I head to Dresden on business followed by a weekend in Munich - and oh yes, it's Octoberfest in Munich! But watch for an update to Buckle-Up as we returned to Pikes Peak International Raceway over this past weekend where I was able to run the roval, but clockwise - yes, mostly a banked oval where all I had to do was turn right!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why mess up a good thing?

A message from my good friend John, who is head instructor with NASA SoCal, suggesting that adding a supercharger to an automatic C6 Corvette, particularly when it’s the earlier models that were first out with the six-speed and paddles just messes up a perfectly good car. Makes it un-drivable! And he has a point – but of course, only up to a point!

If all you want to do is bolt on a supercharger – even something as good as a Vortech supercharger – then you may indeed be less than thrilled with the results. That’s why we have developed the treatments we have at the Spa – it’s all in the programming.

Running our blue ‘Vette tuned to deliver 588 rwhp was one thing but getting it to run nice and sweet and be drivable well that took the skills of a really good tuner and that’s what you will find at CorvetteSpa. Just tell us in advance what “your application” will be – whether just for the street and the occasional traffic light or for the drag street or for outings on your favorite circuit as this information is very important when it comes to the final tune we will provide.

No, it’s not always a given that adding a supercharger to a Vette will mess it up – but it is true that done poorly, it sure will!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's just a coupe!

One of the wonderful things about the Corvette is that you can trick it out and be as falmbouyant as you like or you can keep it stock and be subtle about it. You can add wide body kits, add wings and skirts, or simply throw a bunch of chrome goodies to the basic bodywork or you can leave it as it left the factory.

Of late I have become a big fan of the look that comes from the factory and as a good friend of mine so often repeats – it’s just a coupe. When you pursue treatments at the Spa to add muscle, you may elect to keep the Vette looking the same as when it arrived at the Spa. You may powder coat a few items, as we just did with the brake calipers but then again you may go a lot further.

The good news is that the team at CorvetteSpa can do it all from mild to wild as they say. But then again, it’s been a historical truism for many years when we say speak softly and carry a big stick. And no is this the case when you coupe is loaded for bear!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why we add muscle ...

Yes, it was out annual trip to take in the fall colors around Aspen – and a good decision it was as I suspect this year's annual show won’t last very long. But this year, we elected to drive in our 2008 Viper SRT/10 roadster – a departure from previous trips to the mountains.

If you check out the post to my business blog of October 24, 2007 “Busting Myths will get a good look at our C5 Z06 that is today the car of choice, when it comes to road courses and track days! But the words across the back of the T Shirt – can you make them out? It only makes sense in families where there are ‘Vettes and Vipers and the wife’s preference is still the Viper. Something she very much enjoyed when she took it to the track several years ago.

If you check out the post to my social blog of September 18, 2009, “
Give me a “brake” – concentrate! ” you will also read of how, during the second session on track, that Margo aggressively pursued a new Calloway supercharged Z06 Corvette, only to be given a “point bye” (from its driver) a few laps later.

OK, so the lad in the Calloway ‘Vette had just taken delivery of the car and was coming up to speed mentally but in reality, with cars like Vipers and now, the top-end ‘Vettes pulling further away, out of reach for all but a select fortunate few – the “inexpensive” option of Supercharging an early C6 Coupe is the only practical way to stay with them. I have passed more than my fair share of Vipers and top-end ZR1s (when in the hands of the unproven) many times – and the conversations that followed have been a whole lot of fun … yes, it’s just a Coupe!

The highly versatile CorvetteSpa looks after our Viper just as it does our ‘Vettes – so wouldn’t you prefer to have the responsiveness you really are looking for? Doesn’t a Day at the Spa sound tempting? Next year I will wash and clean the Viper and park it out of sight so we can take the big ‘Vette out for another run through the mountains in the fall …

Friday, September 14, 2012

Gal's like a little nail polish ...

It was only a matter of time before we "painted our nails" as Margo referred to it ... of course, we are talking about powder-coating the calipers in red. Yes, the tow hooks are red so why not the calipers?

The lads at CorvetteSpa had just completed a replacement of rotors and pads - we have the Z51 package, of course, but did upgrade the pads to Hawk High Performance Street (not the HP+ we had routinely relied upon when were actively tracking this big Vette).

So, something to consider once you have selected the spa treatment you would like when it comes to adding muscle don’t forget the detail and paint facilities CorvetteSpa supports - after all, for your very first time on the street following your spa treatment, the Vette deserves to shine and look its best!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Working with the lads from A&A Corvette Performance as well as with the locals here at CorvetteSpa, we are working on three "treatments" at the spa. You can find them at:

There will be an entry-level treatment focused solely on providing immediate muscle - yes, basically the Vortech Supercharger (Si Trim) with the A&A intercooler and associated plumbing.

But there will also be two additional more advanced treatments for those interested in the full glamor treatments:

  • A mid-level treatment, if you like that includes headers and long pipes running 3" all the way to the standard mufflers;

  • And the whole nine yards treatment that includes headers but a cam and all the intake treatment needed to make it all work properly ...
Yes, of course, you can elect to progress through all the treatments as each additional treatment builds on the one before and may better suit your budget.

Out the door, an awful lot of muscle - so let me know just how fit you would like to become? If you reside close to the Rockies front ranges then yes, we may just have the treatments you need ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An introduction ...

One of my all time favorite photos - and the image on my laptop as background. Yes, that's the big blue Vette getting a point by on one of our favorite tracks - Auto Club Speedway, Fontana CA. Yes, this is the very same Vette that carries the Supercharger / Intercooler package that A&A Corvette Performance provides along with a serious upgrade to the exhaust system - American Racing headers and long pipes, 3" all the way back to modified Z06 mufflers. Again all thanks to Andy Green and the team at A&A ...

And the big news? Pyalla Technologies Track Days has partnered with CorvetteSpa of Longmont, CO to provide a number of "Spa Packages" that will seriously add muscle to your Vette, C5 or C6. So yes, as we finalize the numbers we will provide more information. Yes, you will read about it here first ... and yes, if you want to get more "point byes" keep monitoring this blog.