Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's just a coupe!

One of the wonderful things about the Corvette is that you can trick it out and be as falmbouyant as you like or you can keep it stock and be subtle about it. You can add wide body kits, add wings and skirts, or simply throw a bunch of chrome goodies to the basic bodywork or you can leave it as it left the factory.

Of late I have become a big fan of the look that comes from the factory and as a good friend of mine so often repeats – it’s just a coupe. When you pursue treatments at the Spa to add muscle, you may elect to keep the Vette looking the same as when it arrived at the Spa. You may powder coat a few items, as we just did with the brake calipers but then again you may go a lot further.

The good news is that the team at CorvetteSpa can do it all from mild to wild as they say. But then again, it’s been a historical truism for many years when we say speak softly and carry a big stick. And no is this the case when you coupe is loaded for bear!


  1. Right on. Let the performance do the speaking.

  2. The picture included as part of the most recent post was taken at Fontana, at the AutoClub Sppedway where we run the "Roval" and in the picture you can see Margo behind the wheel well ahead of the Audi R8 (two back) who she was easily able to keep in check much to thei disbelief of its owner - nothing else had to be said. The blue Vette, supercharged as it is, really warmed to that circuit.