Friday, October 12, 2012

What about the mileage ...

For all those who inquire about mileage from a Supercharged C6 Coupe with 580+ rear wheel horse power (RWHP) take a really close look at this photo. It is the one the press rarely discusses or promotes. And yet here it is. On the freeway rolling along in 6th gear doing a tad of 70 mph all the while the engine is ticking over at barely 1600rpm.

Yes, what is being displayed is the average (for this particular trip) of 30.3mpg (and we are talking US gallons and not the bigger Imperial gallon) – indeed, of the cars in the garage today this big blue ‘Vette is our most economical. The car is light, the CD is good, and the gearing is great for road trips even if I would like to have a taller rear end one day.

But yes, at a time when so many compacts are hard pressed to return figures even close to this doesn’t it can come as a bit of a shock that a push-rod low-tech 6-liter Chevy V8 with a Vortech centrifuge supercharger, spinning somewhat casually but under-stressed, all work to be as efficient as this? And not, this is the Average MPG being displayed and not the Instant MPG figures which are often way better than this!

So no, working with the Corvette Spa team and adding a supercharger with the right engine mapping certainly isn’t going to have you heading to the gas station every other day – track it, of course, and it all changes, but heading to the store for a head of lettuce won’t necessarily break the bank!

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