Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maintaining relationships

The above photo was snapped as Margo was on grid, Saturday morning, just before the start of the first sessions of the day. Margo ran four sessions Saturday while I drove four sessions Sunday - with the C5 Vette prepped by Curt and the team at Corvette Spa. New tires went onto the car that together with the more aggressive alignment and new brakes - rotors, pads and fluids - really helped out. Watch for a more complete post on our sister blog site http://buckle-up-travel.blogspot.com/

As the event was in Southern California - at Buttonwillow, course #1 Counter Clockwise (CCW) - we elected to drive all 60 feet of RV and trailer across the mountains, first to Northern California where we met with clients then on to Buttonwillow where we were able to catch up with many friends we hadn’t seen for a while. We are now enjoying time at the home of good friends Brian and Jan Kenny, regularly visitors to Colorado, fellow Corvette aficionados and regulars at High Plains Raceway (HPR), but tomorrow, it's off to Las Vegas to watch a season ending Karting event. More to follow about that in a later post!

We work hard to maintain our business contacts in IT that remain our primary business pursuit just as we devote time maintaining our friendships from the time when we lived in California. So it should come as no surprise that a little later today, we will be driving to A&A Corvette Performance to catch up with Andy and his team and to hear the latest on his own performance kits – what’s new, what’s working, and what’s in the pipeline. And hopefully, the next post will feature more from that meeting, too.

Before long we will be back in Boulder and our cars will be on trickle feeders for the winter. It’s always hard to see the two Vettes just sitting there but come spring, there will be many more roads to cover!

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