Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real drivers need not apply ...

The picture quality isn't what I was hoping for but this week, driving in the heart of Silicon Valley - and yes, in the red C5 Z06 decked out in track trim - I came alongside a Google autonomous car. Driverless. And with the heavy window tinting it was difficult to see whether there was anyone behind the wheel although there was a passenger seated in the front. With a laptop.

This may all be well and good for the choked community corridors of California and today, the younger generation just doesn't seem to share the passion for driving that previous generations did so it may be OK, but for me this is something I hope I never have to deal with. It’s still all about the joy of driving and knowing the vehicle you are piloting to can deal with any situation faced on today’s roads.

The picture was snapped at the exit of highway 101 where the freeway intersected with Lawrence Expressway and as those familiar with the region, probably as hi-tech a district as you will find. But all the same, I just couldn’t wait to get past the “robot” and be out of there … has anyone driven alongside anything similar?

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