Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where it all began!

It all started with a casual conversation with our good friend Hal, recently moved to Ft Collins from Silicon Valley. Experiencing firsthand the impact from living at a higher altitude (and at the time an owner of a C6 coupe) Hal asked if we had considered supercharging our own C6 coupe. Seriously? No, the thought hadn't crossed our minds at all.

A matter of weeks later, while entering the 101 freeway in southern California, a new Lexus IS-F passed us without any trouble. It was the new high-performance Lexus with a free-revving 400+hp V8 that on paper we should have had no trouble keeping up with - but the driver just simply pulled away from us.

You gotta be kidding! So needless to say, further research behind us, we drove to Andy’s shop in Oxnard, California and his team at A&A Corvette Performance began working their magic. It’s been a fun journey ever since as we tweaked many different elements of the Vette to where today we have just one nice daily drive. But now there are no worries should we come across another Lexus IS-F.

Drop by the Corvette Spa in Longmont any time and let me know in advance and our C6 coupe – supercharged and all – will be ready for inspection!

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