Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, it is the smile!

The previous post featured Margo on track for the start of her first session at Buttonwillow, 2012. It didn't take me long to realize that readers like photos of Margo a lot more than they do of me so here's a photo of Margo for the start of her first session at Buttonwillow, 2010.

Should you like to read more about Margo's adventures back then, check out the post to Buckle-Up-Travel that came out just a few days later:

The big yellow "2" on her windscreen was acknowledgment that Margo had moved out of HPDE1 and into the more challenging HPDE2. The difference being that she could now circulate tracks without the mandatory instructor seated beside her. Margo still attended the educational downloads following each session, of course, but letting anyone jump in beside her was now completely up to her.

The blue Vette her was in its second-to-last iteration; supercharged and tricked out for lapping days. All 600+ hp (500, rear wheels) through an “auto tranny” and fighting with a final ratio of 2.4:1 or thereabouts! A tough car to light up coming out of turns I have to admit. But we had completely worn out the R-spec tires (this instance, Toyo R888s) and had reinstalled the Michelins and in many ways, this gave Margo an improved feel on a track she hadn't visited in some time.

The yellow 2 was missing this time out but if you look closely at the red C5 Z06 in the previous post, you will see a bright orange sun or star - yes, Margo continued to enjoy HPDE2 events and yes, the smile of some two years ago remains very much in evidence as you all have noticed!

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