Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A summer teaser ..

For several years Margo and I commuted between Boulder, CO and Simi Valley, CA - a round trip of 1080 miles give or take. Living and working out of Simi Valley gave us a great opportunity to participate in track events - there's numerous tracks scattered throughout southern California and with the weather, it was almost a year round proposition. The picture above is of the Vette being washed prior to it heading to a track weekend at Willow Springs tha was taken back in the summer of 2010.

Today, in Boulder and nearby Longmont, it's snowing and the Vette's are on battery feeders. The cold is anything but enticing but eating breakfast, looking through the window as the snow comes down, memories quickly return to California and while we never see snow as the do higher up in the mountains or even deeper into the plains or back on the east coast, it does put the brakes on track outings.

All this comes following the news from Speed Ventures that even as Christmas approaches, they will be holding a track outing December 22, 23 at Buttonwillow, the venue for our most recent outing only six o so weeks ago. But we shouldn’t complain. Shortly we will be vacationing in southern California and if it hadn’t been for the time we spent in Simi Valley, we wouldn’t have run across A&A Corvette Performance and we wouldn’t be as interested as we now are in bringing the A&A supercharger “package” to Colorado Vette enthusiasts.

Perhaps we can handle the few days of cold weather ahead of us after all – and yes, I will be dropping by the Corvette Spa before we head out … more news to follow!   

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Painting a pretty picture ...

I couldn't help but snap off this photo last week. Standing alongside a "new arrival" - a nicely decked out C6 Z06, supercharged of course (but not from our supplies, unfortunately) - it's blue paint scheme in stark contrast to the red C3 on the lift and the yellow C5 behind it. But all the same, a cheerful blend of colors that instantly warmed the heart of a Corvette fan like me. And yes, that’s Curt about to mount a carbon fiber wing to that Z06 although, I have to admit, it looks a little like it’s more suited for show than for the track.

It's winter and yet it's not winter. The calendar tells us otherwise and yet, Boulder is still enjoying temperatures climbing into the 60s. A sure fire way to pull out of the garage the motorcycles - there's been numerous lines of them riding along our arterial highways. A group of 9 or 10 riders aboard BMW adventure bikes made me think of my own long ride of a few years ago. But winter will hit us shortly I have to believe and already, our ‘Vettes are hooked up to battery tenders in the garage and will not likely hit the road again till the spring.

Of course, winter is also a time when we start thinking about upgrades, changes and sometime even a new acquisition. Even as GM leaks information about the C7 Corvette most of us can’t wait to see what rolls-out come the Detroit Auto show where, as I understand it, we will get our first glimpse of what had been an anxiously awaited release. And yet, like many others, I can’t help feeling that the prices for the next ‘Vette are headed north where base models (with minimal options packages) will likely pass through the $60K mark and in so doing, drive the value of our C6 into the ground – GM has the ability to manufacture so many “Vettes that it will be hard to keep anyone interested in the earlier models.

So, don’t trade! Keep the C6! And as spring rolls around, head to the Spa for a much-needed treatment. It’s amazing what a difference there is when you have bolted on an extra 200hp … just ask me! True, now I am using the C6 ‘Vette as a daily drive I have dialed-back the power / torque but it’s still a blast to drive as after all, it’s just a coupe, remember. A real sleeper until the loud pedal is pressed hard – if you happen on by Boulder / Longmont then don’t forget to drop in and take the time to chat with Curt.