Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A summer teaser ..

For several years Margo and I commuted between Boulder, CO and Simi Valley, CA - a round trip of 1080 miles give or take. Living and working out of Simi Valley gave us a great opportunity to participate in track events - there's numerous tracks scattered throughout southern California and with the weather, it was almost a year round proposition. The picture above is of the Vette being washed prior to it heading to a track weekend at Willow Springs tha was taken back in the summer of 2010.

Today, in Boulder and nearby Longmont, it's snowing and the Vette's are on battery feeders. The cold is anything but enticing but eating breakfast, looking through the window as the snow comes down, memories quickly return to California and while we never see snow as the do higher up in the mountains or even deeper into the plains or back on the east coast, it does put the brakes on track outings.

All this comes following the news from Speed Ventures that even as Christmas approaches, they will be holding a track outing December 22, 23 at Buttonwillow, the venue for our most recent outing only six o so weeks ago. But we shouldn’t complain. Shortly we will be vacationing in southern California and if it hadn’t been for the time we spent in Simi Valley, we wouldn’t have run across A&A Corvette Performance and we wouldn’t be as interested as we now are in bringing the A&A supercharger “package” to Colorado Vette enthusiasts.

Perhaps we can handle the few days of cold weather ahead of us after all – and yes, I will be dropping by the Corvette Spa before we head out … more news to follow!   

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