Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A relief from the snow ...

As I look out the window all I can see is snow blanketing the gardens and lawns. There's been two snowstorms - the first on Sunday that was pretty substantial and the second just yeaterday that was more or less just a dusting of powdered sugar.

It would have been easy for me to throw up a snapshot looking out at the backyard, covered in snow, but I posted such a photo to my business blof Real Time View - look at the photo in the post
It’s yet another sign! Check it out.

The photo above is exactly how the blue C6 looks today - with the new wider chrome wheels fro West Coast Corvette and now shod with brand new Bridgestone Potenza "Pole Position" tires. I have come to really like the Bridgestones and now track the C5 Z06 shod with a similar tire and they work really well. Sure, I would like to run slicks but these Bridgestones give me a full season with something like 30+ heat cycles!

An open top Vette, chrome wheels and the light grey interior are an attractive package and a reminder how much fun the big Vette is to drive on sunny days. Throw in the fact that it's supercharged with 500+ RWHP (and similar torque numbers) and it's not just fun, but a blast.

I know many of you are looking forward to warmer days and are already thinking about projects for Spring - so don't forget, drop me a note if you want to upgrade to a blown Vette and a fun day at the Corvette Spa!


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