Friday, February 1, 2013

How low will it go ...

Yes, you are reading it correctly - $1.799 for one US gallon! And from the reflection astute readers will recognize it is the trusty Cadillac Escalade that is the recipient this time of the cheap gas even though pouring in 22+ gallons, too, may be a clue. I emailed this photo to friends in California as soon as I took it as stories were circulating overnight that California drivers are going to see prices climbing past $4 a gallon.

But this does lead me into the question of gas consumption when it comes to modern day Corvettes, a conversation I have had several times with Curt of Corvette Spa. Not sure which party within GM isn’t keen on marketing the news more widely, but Corvettes post C5 easily see 30mpg on the highway. And it doesn’t take a team of specialist drivers to realize such returns. For both the C5 and C6 I have experienced such numbers myself. Several times, mind you!

And the point? Even as we now know a little more about the C7 and of the merits / strengths of the new LT1 engine (6.2 liters) and see in it a platform that will be the basis for a lot more power to come (did you see work that’s gone into the crank and the pistons to handle higher loads?) – it’s still an awful lot cheaper to FI current C6s than take one of the early C7s. Yes, the old adage will still apply – skip the first two years if you really want to get a true example of the C7. Remember, the C6s of 05 – 07 with the LS2 were no match for the 80s onwards with the LS3! So, will there be an LT1?

No, hang onto those C6s particularly with the LS3s, check out our “Spa treatments” for FI, and wait for more to come from the engineers at GM!

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