Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time to freshen up the garage ...

What happens when you start looking at new cars? Well, when the garage is full, as pictured above, the one car has to go ....

OK, so we have a red 2003 C5 Z06 Vette (foreground) that is really a nice set-up for the occasional track days we participate in and readers may recall how last year we towed it behind the company command center to tracks across the west. Alongside the C5 is the 2006 C6 Supercharged Coupe that has featured many times in posts to this blog.

Look past the two motorcycle cruisers Margo and I have enjoyed riding for many years and you will glimpse the 2008 Gen IV Viper roadster – a car we picked up used (18 miles on the odometer! Seriously!); had delivered to our hotel in Las Vegas, and promptly drove home to Boulder.
In the distance? Well, that is Godzilla of course with sunshine reflecting off it's trunk lid; a 2013 Nissan GT-R with AWD and our back-up winter driving car. Well, if it just had a little more clearance so we could drive it out of the garage following snowstorms … but no, it’s just too nice a car to get dirty although we did drive across the Sierra’s once in a full snow storm with just the summer tires mounted.

So which car will go? Well, the C6 Supercharged Coupe was “replaced” yesterday – stay tuned for more info to follow shortly. What of my love of superchargers in general and Vortech in particular (and the work Andy Green of A&A Corvette Performance does in terms of putting together the best package possible)? I am still very much a “fan” and if I were to speculate and should the business cycle uptick just a tad, there could be another Vette purchase in the future.

If you want to read my feelings about the process, check out the post made a few years back to the A&A Corvette Performance blog that can be found at:

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