Friday, April 12, 2013

Hangin' out in the Spa!

We all need our garages – perhaps not always to house our cars but at the very least, as a place of refuge where we know we will be able to escape the hassles of life. Yes, we still take out the garbage and with that, we need to pass through the garage once a week. But true car lovers are always inventing excuses to head into the garage – often, the deeper the better!

This week I dropped of the C5 Z06 to the Corvette Spa for a checkup and new sets of brake pads – the Hawk HP plus pads are just about shot so replacements all round are in order. But in a brief follow-up visit it occurred to me that Curt’s establishment, the Corvette Spa, has become a kind of home away from home for me – the garage I go to when I want to chat with someone (in addition to looking at cars).

The picture above is of how Curt’s garage looked this morning – a C3 and then a C4 tucked away beside C5's of various vintages and in differing stages of track preparedness. And it is a reminded too that I now no longer have the C6 – Big Blue, the Supercharged C6 auto Coupe has been sold.  Sad to have to say this but the garage back home needed the space for a new addition but losing theC6 has been offset to some extent by being able to stop by Corvette Spa.

I am still in the Vortech supercharger business and I have all the “treatments” anyone might like to enjoy – so yes, let me know. Any time! In the meantime, I think I need to head back to the Spa to talk some more about brake fluids, tires and wheels – do I need an oil change? Hope I bump into you – and if I do, let me know you read this latest post!

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